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Due to a large volume of orders and some components on back order, we are suspending taking orders from Friday 22nd January to Monday 1st March. We have chosen to take this course of action instead of delaying future customer orders by 6-8 weeks. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience and we look forward to taking orders again in March. Thank you.

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Multi Lock Side Channel Blinds

Multi Lock Side Channel Blinds

Side Channel Blind (multi-stop)

This product is in the process of being re-introduced to the website. If you're interested in ordering this type of blind please send an enquiry to for more information regarding pricing and order specifications.

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The side channels are a retractable blind with a galvanised top tube and spring assembly. The blind is a Multi Lock System (no notches in the channels). The blind is tensioned in place by the spring assembly in top tube and bottom rail with a multi-lock end cap is locked in place. The sides of the blind are not held in place inside the channel. 

Therefore Side Channel Blinds are not recommended for high wind areas as the blind fabric will billow especially for the larger width blinds.

The side channels are designed to be fitted in recess/reveal only. The channels are fixed on sides eg: sides in between posts or walls screwed thru back of channel.

We require both top and bottom width measurements when measuring.

Side Channel Blinds are able to be partially open - fully down all part way up. for rolling up or down operation of the blind hold bottom rail level with to top to lock simply twist bottom of rail

We do not recommend that you leave the blind down in severe weather conditions or strong winds.

Blinds are now only available in the mesh fabrics - Outlook Mode Colours,Visiontex Ultra, Visiontex Plus, Vistaweave Plus and Atmosphere

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